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Family, Wedding, Birth, Newborn, Senior Portraits, Business and anything inbetween, it would be an honor to photograph this particular time in your life.

It brings me joy to work with people who are excited about their life, whether it be a relationship or their business.  Living in a digital age which can be very fast paced, I invite you slow down with me and reflect what is important.  Together we will manifest images of what is closest to your heart, the laughter of your child, the love of your life, a business you pour your heart into or perhaps just you as you are in this time.  I want to be of service in a good way with people who value what is around them.  I want to be a catalyst for business’ to grow.  I want to witness your family grow and change through each milestone.  I want to pre-serve the present with the future in mind.

Individually and collectively, we are all related in this mysterious web of existence.  How am I to be, what do I focus on?  Asking myself those questions led to the creation of Terra Sura, meaning “mother earth & new leaf”.  I invite you to walk with me through the various seasons of life as it reveals itself.  Thank you for the opportunity to be a mirror of love.

~Available for worldwide travel~


My name is Sharri Marie Keller, former co-owner of esteemed Satori Photography (photo credit & portfolio base) as seen in MN Bride and voted best of 2013 in mywedding.com.  Rooted in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Mother, daughter, sister, proud auntie of 5.  Married to my grade-school sweetheart who is a talented musician and teacher (kristoff krane/kadoka).  Incredibly grateful for my loving & supportive family, friends and teachers.  I am a turtle loving, fast driving, belly dancing, nature loving, quiet observer, life seeker, wanna be wisdom keeper.  Learning as I grow.

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